Pet essentials for every need

Looking to spoil your animal companion with the best? Look no further than Coleshill Pet Supplies.

We stock a diverse range of pet toys and natural pet food. Whether you're a proud dog parent, a small animal enthusiast or a budding aquarist, we have everything you need to keep your cherished companion healthy and happy.

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Our Ranges and Products



a Labrador eating food out of a metal bowl


Our Dog Range

The Coleshill Pet Supplies dog range has something for every pup, no matter their breed, size or age.

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Royal Canin

One of the UK's leading brands for science-based, breed-specific and age-specific dog foods.

the logo for Canagan Dog and Cat food


Canagan offers premium dog food crafted with high-quality, grain-free, and natural ingredients.


Flexi Leads

Retractable leashes that balance freedom and control, available in a range of lengths and sizes for different breeds.





Nature's Menu

With a focus on natural ingredients and minimal processing, Nature's Menu's puppy range is sure to give your pup a great start to life.

the logo for Kong dog and cat toys


A leading brand of durable yet interactive dog toys, their puppy-specific chew toys promise hours of gum-friendly teething.

the logo for Ancol dog food


A high-quality manufacturer of general dog supplies, their puppy range includes collars, leads and more.




a person using a brush to groom a happy Persian cat

Our Cat Range

Your cat deserves nothing but the best – That's where Coleshill Pet Supplies comes in. From nutritious food to interactive toys and accessories, we have your cat covered.

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Nature's Menu 

Offers dry and wet food, and treats specially formulated for the unique needs of cats.

the logo for Kong dog and cat toysKong

While known for their dog range, Konga also offers engaging cat toys for scratching, chasing and batting.

Royal Canin

Whatever your cat's breed, coat, age or taste, Royal Canin has their needs covered.




a kitten playing with three rattan ball toys

Our Kitten Range

Bringing home a kitten means lots of play and exploration – but also responsibility on you as an owner. Coleshill Pet Supplies' range of kitten products is here to make things a little easier.

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the logo for the brand Fish4Cats


Fish4Cats offers a range of high-quality cat food made with fish as the primary ingredient, providing a nutritious and delicious meal to support your cat's health and well-being.

the logo for Ancol cat food


The Ancol range is here to help your kitten's exploration with collars, scratching posts, beds and more.

Royal Canin

Their kitten food range is designed to meet the specific needs of growing kittens.




a hamster sitting on a wooden accessory

Our Small Animals Range

(Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats and Mice)

The Coleshill Pet Supplies' small animals range has everything you need to keep your pocket-sized friends content.

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the logo for Ancol small animal food


Make an enclosure a home with their small animal accessories including cages, feeders and water bottles.





a group of goldfish in an aquarium with plants and a boat ornament in the background


Our Fish Range

Step into the world of fishkeeping with the Coleshill Pet Supply range of fish products.

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Tetra specialises in providing high-quality aquatic products and equipment, offering everything from fish food and water conditioners to aquarium filters and heaters to ensure a thriving aquatic environment


Interpet offers a comprehensive range of fish care products, specialising in aquariums and aquatic accessories, to provide everything you need for maintaining a healthy and vibrant underwater ecosystem.





a parrot playing on a plastic chain


Our Pet Bird Range

Whatever their size or their song, the Coleshill Pet Supplies pet bird range has been hand-picked to meet the unique needs of your avian friends.

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Johnston and Jeff

Johnston and Jeff offers a premium selection of nutritious bird feed and accessories, ensuring optimal health and well-being for your feathered companions


Johnsons provides a range of high-quality bird care products, including food, supplements, and accessories, designed to promote the health and happiness of your feathered friends.






?a blackbird washing itself in a birdbath

Our Wild Bird Range

Looking to transform your garden into a vibrant tapestry of wild birds? Look no further than Coleshill Pet Supplies' wild bird range.

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Johnston and Jeff

Johnston and Jeff offers a premium range of wild bird food and accessories, crafted with high-quality ingredients to attract a variety of bird species to your garden and support their health and wellbeing.










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