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Small Animals Supplies

Support their little adventures

Looking for a furry companion that brings joy in a smaller package? Look no further than the delightful world of small animals, from fluffy bunnies to chatty guinea pigs to lively hamsters.

With unique personalities that require less space and attention compared to dogs and cats, small animals offer low-maintenance companionship for busier lifestyles. Coleshill Pet Supplies is here to help look after your small animal with our range of hand-picked food and essentials.



Can't find the pellets, hay or bedding your small animal loves?

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What brands of small animal supplies do we stock at Coleshill Pet Supplies?


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Frequently asked questions about looking after small animals

How can I keep my small pet's teeth healthy?

Dental care is important for preventing dental issues in small animals. We offer a selection of dental chews, toys, and treats designed to promote oral hygiene and prevent dental problems such as overgrowth of teeth. Our staff can provide guidance on dental care and recommend suitable products for your pet.

How can I handle and socialize my small pet?

Handling and socialization are important for building trust and forming a bond with your small pet. We offer tips and advice on gentle handling techniques, as well as recommendations for socialization activities and interactions to help your pet feel comfortable and secure in their environment.

How often should I feed my small pet?

Feeding frequency varies based on the species and age of your small pet. As a general guideline, most small animals require daily access to fresh food and water. We can provide feeding recommendations based on your pet's individual needs.