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Kitten Supplies

Everything you need to fuel feline fun

Kittens offer a unique brand of affection, full of playful antics and curiosity as they explore the world.

There's no doubt, however, that they require patient, time and training. Luckily for you, Coleshill Pet Supplies are here to support your kitten's continual growth and development as they grow from a pocket-sized pal into a full-sized companion.



We'd love to get to know you, and your kitten, better.

If you're looking for some kitten-raising advice, just come in and visit us or call us at 07775 930348.

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Frequently asked questions about looking after kittens

When do kittens start eating?

Kittens will be feeding from their mother solely up until 3-4 weeks old. After this point wet kitten food can start to be introduced to help meet the demands of a developing young kitten. Mixing kitten formula and fresh kitten food can help encourage kittens to eat the mixture themselves. Milk can then gradually be decreased until they transition to eating a fresh kitten food diet 4-6 times a day.

Do kittens require kitten milk, or is cow's milk suitable for them?

Kittens have specific nutritional requirements that are different from those of adult cats. While cow's milk may seem like a convenient option, it's not suitable for kittens - it lacks essential nutrients that kittens need for healthy growth and development. We stock plenty of kitten milk options, giving your new friend a great start to life.

What type of toys are best for my kitten?

Kittens benefit from toys that are safe, stimulating, and appropriate for their age and breed. We offer a range of kitten toys, including interactive toys, feather wands, balls, and plush toys, designed to provide mental stimulation and encourage healthy play behaviour.