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Puppy Supplies

Everything you need for a happy pup!

The boundless energy and playful enthusiasm of puppies can melt even the coldest of hearts, and have captivated people with their cuteness for thousands of years.

If you've welcomed a pup into your home for the first time or are looking to stock up on essentials to look after the newest member of your family, Coleshill Pet Supplies have you covered.



We'd love to get to know you and your puppy better.

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Frequently asked questions about looking after puppies

Can I feed my puppy standard dog food?

No – Puppies require higher levels of protein, calcium and other nutrients to support healthy bone, muscle and organ growth, and their still-developing digestive systems will struggle to process adult dog food.

How can I stop my puppy from chewing things?

Destructive chewing is a common challenge with puppies, especially for new dog parents, but there are steps you can take to redirect their chewing instincts.

  • Explore different sizes and shapes of chew toys, until you find one that they enjoy
  • Rotate chew toys to maintain their interest and prevent boredom
  • Praise and reward them with puppy treats when they choose to use their toys

How can I house train my puppy?

House training, or potty training, is an important part of puppy care. We offer a variety of house-training products to help you establish a successful house-training routine. We can also provide tips and guidance on effective house-training techniques.