a house sparrow feeding on seeds from a bird feeder

Wild Bird Supplies

Turn your garden into a haven of chirps!

While not a pet in the traditional sense, attracting wild birds to your garden can bring joy to your outdoor space, song to your life and support the local ecosystem.

If you enjoy a bit of low-level birdwatching and following the little dramas of wild birds, Coleshill Pet Supplies can help you to both attract wild birds to your garden and allow them to thrive with a range of food, feeders and other essentials.



Is your feeder looking a little bare, and you can't find their usual favourites?

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What brands of wild bird supplies do we stock at Coleshill Pet Supplies?




Frequently asked questions about looking after wild birds

What’s the best kind of bird feeder?

This depends on the species you want to attract to your garden. We offer tube feeders, hopper feeders, suet feeders, ground feeders and more, and can help you select the right feeder for your needs.

Where should I place my bird feeders?

You should avoid placing your feeder close to trees, fences, walls or bushes to prevent easy access for cats and other predators and away from windows to prevent accidental collisions.

What type of food should I offer?

If you want to cater to as wide a range of bird species as possible, you should offer an equally diverse range of food – Mealworms are loved by robins and tits, while fresh fruit is a surefire way of attracting blackbirds and dunnocks.